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Clothing and Weapons

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   The Maya warriors wore some pretty wild costumes during war. Here are some of the clothes and costumes they wore. Some of the Maya warriors wore Jester looking headdresses at war to please the Jester god. Some of the warriors also wore garments woven and dyed, and some warriors also wore garments with painted or embroidered designs. Some of the Maya warriors even wore small thin strips around their waists during war. Some Maya warriors wore clothing made from bark to protect them during war. The Maya warriors wore many bright and dark feathers during war as camouflage. Some warriors looked like animals with claws and wings. Some of the warriors wore dark and bright colored masks while at war. Some of the warriors wore beads while fighting at war. Most of the warrior’s garments were richly colorful and decorated. Some of the Maya warriors wore Jaguar fur while at war.

     The Maya used few weapons while at war. Here are some of the weapons they used. The Maya warriors used knife.jpeg (6412 bytes)stone blade knives. The Maya warriors protected themselves with shields of wood and feathers. The Maya also used bows and arrows to defend themselves at war. The arrows were made out of wooden shafts and rock points. The Maya troops wore many feathers at war. They also used long wooden daggers to protect and defend. Maya warriors used there most precious stone, Jade, to make axes.